Poems by s. h

Sofee Hill

“have faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust”

  • Wonder
    Life caught her in monochrome. Afraid of thunder, Lost in the unknown. Carelessly flounderedfrom Sydney to Rome. She is aContinue reading “Wonder”
  • Her
    Warming other hearts, while one is frozen caught in winter knot, Lost. Craving human connection, Throwing tantrum needy for assurance,Continue reading “Her”
  • Twisted
    When your shield armourmed through my life, Days and nightswere bright, Full of lights with you by my side. OhContinue reading “Twisted”
  • Damage
    The wind rush in so much has gone, I am not running there is so much to reflect upon. ThisContinue reading “Damage”
  • Apology
    Offensive defendscrewed out sense,No more pretend. May happinessstays within us. Bitter-sweetin our history, Welcomes new memory. May serenity bless thisContinue reading “Apology”
  • Mystify
    Coffee pot, Favourite spot. Old romance,Unable to make advance. Sad but smiling, Dead while breathing.Confused then aware, I am both;-Continue reading “Mystify”