Flew into the dark skywhen nights are left with only lullabies, Caught you;- The apple of my eyes. Oh, baby boydo not cry, Though out of sight,I am always;- by your side.


In a slow train, Eyestrain through a windowpane. Ran out of candy cane, Not much remain and many restrains, Taken by the pain. Tasted stars in my champagne, Goes deep into my veins, Caught me unexplained. Funny how a love-chain could make people scared, To be that happy again.


Life caught her in monochrome. Afraid of thunder, Lost in the unknown. Carelessly flounderedfrom Sydney to Rome. She is a keeper, Searching for home.


Warming other hearts, while one is frozen caught in winter knot, Lost. Craving human connection, Throwing tantrum needy for assurance, and in denial. Doomed is her existence, good memories treasured and returned to where it begins. Stared at her destruction owned the intimidation, Not a person anymore She is a problem.


When your shield armourmed through my life, Days and nightswere bright, Full of lights with you by my side. Oh My Love;- My Knight, This pain was from your knife, Saw you smiled while you butchered me alive.


The wind rush in so much has gone, I am not running there is so much to reflect upon. This is not how it should be, Pictures grainy, At least;- I am not where I used to be.


Offensive defendscrewed out sense,No more pretend. May happinessstays within us. Bitter-sweetin our history, Welcomes new memory. May serenity bless this love story.


Coffee pot, Favourite spot. Old romance,Unable to make advance. Sad but smiling, Dead while breathing.Confused then aware, I am both;- my hero and fear


Blankets, Over my shoulder when the moon is high. Your arms lifted, Wrapping me through the cold night. My dreams shifted, With the slow glide of the morning light. Reality started, It’s okay, Everything is going to be alright.


How does it feel, To have someone you can tell every detail, About the lost whale, or the running snail. How does it feel, To have someone who listens to your fairytale, About your dreams to wonder and to sail. How does it feel, When someone appreciates, And not left you unattended to stale. TellContinue reading “Inessential”


Often mad, About this and that. Stop changing the treatment, I am not a lab rat.


Your silly grin, the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. Wind storming, in between cigarettes and gins. Wounded feelings, rushes underneath my skin. Stars spin, keep turning on my chin. Heart sinks, rises when you winked. You have always been and will always be;- my everything.


Beautiful melody from a familiar face, Oh, sweet memory I longed and I craved. Long directory found your trace,Lost my baby between time and space. Fought for serenity at a wrong place,You were my remedy Gone;- never resurface.


To be such a soft thing, That remembers everything, Made the fire in her veins, Runs faster than the train.


Everything sweet, Tasted on a blank sheet. An empty streat, Is a trick or treat. They looked elite, But full of discreet. The hot seat, Gets cold without heat. We depleat, Yet never obselete. Do not overeat, Love in this suite. It takes two heartbeat, To be complete.